Finer Stands for the Best Home Compound

Originating in the 90s of the last century, the business class in real estate quickly gained popularity, which it does not lose to this day. Not everyone is willing to pay for luxury apartments, but they also want something more than the budget housing market can offer. For this category of people, a business class was created: with a convenient location, good conditions, and a value adequate to these requirements. We will talk about how to choose a residential complex and what to pay attention to.

What you need to pay attention:

Choosing the LCD, look at its location. This does not necessarily have to be the center itself, but in no case may the district be a suburb. Green area, necessary infrastructure within walking distance, major transport interchanges – all this must be nearby.

  • Do not forget about your own infrastructure: in contrast to cheaper options, for a business class, having a kindergarten, shops or salons in the territory is a common thing. For example, new buildings in the south-west from the developer “Flat and Co.” have a territory with a developed infrastructure, schools and parks.
  • No less important is security: security systems, video surveillance, personnel, fenced territory. In the house and near it, tenants should meet only their neighbors, and not outsiders with unknown intentions.
  • The new building should not be completely dependent on public utilities: autonomous heating (or a separate boiler room), ventilation and air conditioning systems, technical staff – all this ensures the smooth operation of all the “mechanisms” inside the residential complex.

The area of ​​a one-room apartment should be on average 55 sq.m, and can occupy all 120 “squares”. You should definitely pay attention to the kitchen: even with a free layout, it is given at least 15 sq.m. Ceilings not less than 2.8 m., and better more. With regards to the finish, here it is different: somewhere, developers offer a “clean” option, and sometimes cosmetic repairs.

Residents of business-class complexes should not leave the car at the entrance or pay for parking: on-site underground parking is needed with the number of parking spaces equal to the number of apartments.

Common areas (vestibule, staircases) are required to be spacious, finished with high-quality materials, and the local area is clean and well-groomed, which is followed by specially hired personnel. For the Oasis Home Compound you can be the perfect option.

  • The houses themselves are also built from reliable materials: monolithic or brick structures, modern roofing, a stylish facade.

It is very good if there is a road junction not far from the residential complex, which will simplify moving to the city. Some complexes are located near the metro station, which is also a definite plus. Inquire about the management company, which is responsible for the operation of the residential complex. It must be sufficiently reliable, which can be ascertained by reading reviews of the ward residents.

The presence of operational services that will monitor the operation of household systems is also an indisputable advantage in choosing a complex. It will not be superfluous to know the cost of the services of the management company – the price levels can be quite high, which will be a huge disadvantage of living in the complex. Today you can find a decent option for life, where you will have everything that was written in the article, at a reasonable purchase price and low payment for using the services for living.

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